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Professional ​

I'm an ASTQB certified software tester, Graphics designer, and basic programmer and also, an Actor and Writer in my off time. I'm trained in both Black and White box testing using Waterfall testing plans. I'm also fluent in basic Python programming language. my professional mantra: no matter the job or the task that needs to be done, you can expect me to get it done with maximum commitment, focus and efficiency. 




  • ASTQB (American Software Testing and Quality Board) Certification 

  • Win 7, Win 10, and iMac-OSX 

  • Xcode IOS Simulator, Jira issue tracker

  • Office 2013 and Office 365 (PowerPoint, Excel, Word)

  • Scratch (entry level programming) 

  • Testing (Black box-Functional), mobile devices

  • Adobe Illustrator 

  • Unity 

  • Has experience in testing Bluetooth and Device Connectivity. 

  • ASTQB (American Software Testing Quality Board) certification

  • Strength in writing and verbal communication

  • Internet Savvy, Problem solver. 



UCSD PoNG (Power of Neurogaming) center         San Diego, CA 

Equilibrium (balance board based game for research use)           06/18- 08/18

design and testing                                                                                          

  • graphic design and testing                                                                    

  • Adobe Illustrator and Unity used to design graphics

  • Boundary and Positive/negative testing 


NFAR Technical Training program          Scripps Ranch, San Diego CA,

Software QA testing training                                                                  01/16- 08/16

  • Boundary and Positive/Negative testing                               

  • Verification and validation

  • Test execution and bug reporting

  • Version/ revision tracking 

  • Regression

Bug validation and repeatability 

  • Application Testing 

  • Tested an iPhone app being updated for iOS upgrade and feature improvement 

  • Testing performed on Xcode iOS simulator on various iPhone platforms (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2,and iPad Retina)  

  • Tested 9 main functional areas with over 300 test cases (device Login, Facebook connectivity, selection, Location functions, etc.)

  • Recorded issues on Excel spreadsheet and Jira issue tracker

  • Performed new features testing and regression testing over 6 releases 

Bluetooth Device testing

  • Testing of Bluetooth interoperability between multiple devices 

  • Ran tests on various audio/music devices (example: UE boom) 

  • Tested Bluetooth Connectivity with/without Wi-Fi 

  • Tested audio quality and clarity 

  • Tested device ability to connect/disconnect Bluetooth from Macintosh Computer

Web Service testing

  • Developed test cases for web page and crowdfunding function 

  • Ran test cases on various functions of web page 

  • Additional Training

  • Trained in using Microsoft Office applications 

  • Has basic knowledge of computer hardware 

  • Some Comp-TIA training 

  • gained ASTQB Certification 



American Academy of Dramatic Arts                                             Los Angeles, CA

Dramatic Arts, Associate of Occupational Studies Degree            09/2016- 06/2018


San Diego City College                                                                            San Diego, CA

Dramatic Arts                                                                                        09/2015- 05/2016


San Diego School Of Creative and Performing Arts                        San Diego, CA

High School Diploma                                                                       09/2014 –6/06/2015




Actor/singer (has been in over 40  theatre productions and student films)

Enjoys writing scripts for stage plays and films, as well as reviews and blogs of comics and film

Enjoys reading various genres of fiction (favorites being stage script, sci-fi, fantasy, and graphic novel) and watching and analyzing films.

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